being a slum-lord, lohan, prayer, and lingerie

we are still cranking away over at
our sweet rental house,
“the villa on corona”.
today, i repainted the front bedroom
because, apparently dark colors
are not the only colors that require
two coats sometimes.

we still have A LOT of work to do
before they more in on the 15th of august.
i mean, A LOT A LOT!
can’t wait to learn how to install the flooring
in the bathrooms and laundry room!
stuff like that totally excites me!

i am SO proud of herb and myself!
the place looks like a completely different house!
we have both worked really hard;
pushed ourselves.
and tried to be kind and patient with each other
in the process.

when we bought it, it was dark and old and outdated.
and now it is bright and clean and beautiful.
it is a home.
and i am so happy to have
a home to offer our family of renters.

11 more days until they move in!
it is also really fun because i have been praying
for quite some time now about our need for a community
of folks to walk along side in life
and things like these friends and their children moving in
sweet promise and hope of answered prayers.

other things have happened too –
like a supper club with three other couples
who all decided, “yeah, it WOULD be great to meet every other week
rather than just every 3 or 4 weeks.”

add to this the rekindling and healing of other relationships.
god continues to be good to us
even when we don’t see it.

today i stumbled across tristan prettyman's silly song about lindsay lohan while i was on this girl's fun blog.
“lindsey, you can drink the Coke
but don’t snort the coke.”
it cracks me up.
especially because we saw her in concert
about a year and a half ago,
and she really did
talk about lindsay lohan the whole time.

it was sort of hard to tell after listening to this song,
but she seemed to really have a bit of a celebrity crush on the lohan.
i mean, have YOU seen her in "the parent trap"?
can you blame tristan?
having seen the film myself, I submit the following:
“no, no ya can't!”

in other news,
i learned the hard way today
that unless you REALLY know the person well,
don't buy lingerie for another person.

even if the invitation to her bridal shower
suggests that she wants lingerie.
if you don't know her, bring some lotion.
Bring a candle.
heck – order her a case of massage oil if you need to
feel like you are contributing to their marriage bed experience.
and I don’t
not any more than i support healthy sex in all marriages.
but i got a little excited.
and i bought some stuff.
it was sexy.
and i am afraid,
based on the look on her face,
and a little conversation i had with her,
it was a little TOO sexy.

i felt a little silly.
and maybe just a little slutty.
and not in a good way.
oh well.

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Blogger shelly b said...

OH NO...my face is red from reading the lingerie part!!Ha,Ha!! OH WELL...She should have went with the flow and said she loved it...you don't know if she's gonna wear it! HER BAD! And so cool that you are fixing up that house..SKILLS!!!

7:51 AM, August 05, 2007  
Blogger kelli said...

Oh Cara! That's hilarious and trust me someday she'll be thanking you for her slutty lingerie. She just needs a little time. Hopefully.

If not, wrap it up and send it my way!

4:12 PM, August 05, 2007  
Blogger Jennifer of Dog.Yarn.Knit. said...

1) When you get done with your flooring can you come put flooring in our house?
2) I hope she gets over it and wants to wear your tarty lingerie. Maybe after the wedding she's loosen up. If you know what I mean. And really, do I know what I mean?
-Jennifer, the 33 year-old Virgin

9:06 AM, August 06, 2007  
Blogger denverherbie said...

Jennifer, I'm totally lost. what do you mean? :)

I'll leave the lingerie and Lohan commenting to Cara, but I will say that the VillaonCorona is getting there! So close we can taste it!

9:46 AM, August 08, 2007  
Blogger Heidi Joe said...

You are just way too cute for me...

Funny story about lingerie... I got invited to the bachelorette party of a girl that works for my hubby, and it was going to be a panty-party... so I had to pick out undies for her. Which was weird by itself... but then when I went to go buy them, I walk up to Victoria's Secret and my hubby TEARS OFF in the other direction. He then proceeds to call me and say "Um, yeah, I can't go in there with you if it's not for you."

I was crackin' up!

8:22 PM, August 08, 2007  

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