scrappin' on a tuesday

these are some of the pictures that herb took of me in mexico this spring.
we were on a bike ride and saw an outcropping
so we ditched out bikes and peaked over the edge
to find this beautiful piece of beach below
covered in small conch shells
i mean COVERED!
i asked herb to take some pics of me
and let's keep it real . . .
because i don't want to fall into the blog & scrapbooking temptation
of just sharing the nice and pretty stuff . . .
the truth is that herb gets kind of embarassed when i asked him to take my pictures -
like a little photo shoot . . .
not his favorite thing.
and things can get kind of weird and tense
because i like having my picture taken
and he doesn't really get it.
but he is a good sport about it.

i laid down on the shells,
right where the tide was hitting when it came in
and herb took pics as the waves washed over me
they are such beautiful pictures
they just remind me to live from the essence of myself.
not to get caught up in what others want me to be
but to really know myself
who god made me to be
get to know THAT girl
really really well
take good care of her and let her soar!

these pics just remind me of freedom
no complications

do you have a favorite picture of yourself?

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Blogger kelli said...

First of all, I love those pictures and I love that you take pictures of yourself. I am usually too critical of myself in pictures...but I'm working on it. Perhaps you will inspire me!

Second, I only have one picture of myself that comes to mind and I'm unsure where it is. It's a picture of me at about 19 as a counselor at Spring Hill. I was staying in the teepees so I have face paint on my cheeks and braids and feathers in my hair. I am hugging a couple of campers. I have always liked that picture and I am unsure where it is...I'll have to look for it when I am cleaning the crawl space next week.

5:20 PM, July 31, 2007  
Anonymous dana said...

Just found you on Rachel D.'s blog and decided to pop in!!! --I hate myself in pics! I have got to get better, but seriously, others have said that I photograph terribly!!! lol. I have very clear "angles" and if not taken in those parameters, ugly! If taken well--belle! No in betweens. Luv the layout :) and your photos!!

If u come to my blog, pretty please leave a comment. I'd luv to know who came :) (or else I deem myself commentless loser) ;p

8:53 AM, August 16, 2007  

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