the randoms

june and july
were sort of insane


which means that there was a lot to share
but not very much time in which to share it.

so, here are a few pics from the crazy 60 days
that are (finally) behind us!

over memorial day weekend
we took a little trip to milwaukee, wi
for a the wedding of herb's cousin anne

we went to the modern art museum
amazing building
decent collection

spent a little time at the
people's market - pretty cool

herb looked hot
so we did a little photo shoot

in june
my cute grandma came to town
we found out that her sister-in-law
(the only other person still alive from her husband's side of the family)
is living in colorado springs
so we took a little trip down there
it was so sweet to watch them reconnect

i rallied my office mates
and we painted our counseling room
because i wanted to vomit
instead of work
everytime i looked at the
perviously pale yellow walls

the main walls are a green-ish tan
and the accent wall is this fantastic teal
nobody went for the dark celery.
oh well, maybe at home.

at the end of june
we went to winter park to celebrate
herb's birthday
i love watching herb with these boys
they all love and "get" each other so much!!!
they have been buddies for many years now
i love that!

my sweet friend kelly
from granby, co
came through town a few times
and we got to hang

mom went to crested butte, co
for a vaca
we joined her for a few days
she saw some "july snow"
and i saw some cows

on my actual b-day
herbie put together a little happy hour
with some local friends

i am not so sure about this second picture
sort of a "my-two-dads" meets moulin rouge

a random self-photo-shoot moment

herb and i managed to still like each other
(most days)

we had some ugly kitchen carpet
at "the villa on corona"
(our lovely rental property)

but herb ripped it up
and now we don't

he is so strong and buff and manly
and unfortunately,
now he is probably
infested with aesbestos

sorry, all of you 50's kitsch lovers . . .
the stove has to go
being that it is a gas stove from the 50's
it is just too much of a liability at this point
any takers?
we're selling.

last week we had some friends come play with us
while we painted the entire upstairs of the villa on corona!

our lovely "mamma renter"

and one of her darling cuties
we are really cracking up that
our neighbor status is about to go from
having an 89 year old man
who never turned the lights on
to having three little munchkins
and their two musician, gypsy-like parents
living next door
so stinkin' fun!
we are blessed people!

and this is why we need community around us
there is no way we could have done this alone
without many tears
and our moto is
"choose beers, not tears."

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Blogger Tony Gambee said...

I think it's a new kind on social sadness when one person hopes to get mentioned in someone else's blog as doesn't. boo freakin hoo

8:54 AM, July 27, 2007  
Blogger Cara said...

dear tony,
my brain is so mooshy
that i gathered my content
for today's blog entry
by looking through my pictures
if it was not in the pics,
i didn't remember it.
and silly us, we didn't get a pic
with the gambees!
but it doesn't change how much fun
we had with you!


11:45 AM, July 27, 2007  
Blogger Tony Gambee said...

Ahhh... That's better. Now I feel all warm and cuddly... like a day of driving through Colorado with my window down... although the left side of my hair tingles.

2:49 PM, July 27, 2007  

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