some art and a funny husband

good morning!

here is a little saturday morning art lovin' for you!

tamara came over last week and we had so much fun playing!
she totally inspires me and really helped me loosen up and just have fun with paint.

the next morning, i did a little more playing on my own!
so much fun!
and i have more to share later!

well, i am doing something really really cool this morning
really really cool.
and i cannot wait to share it later this weekned!
it is going to be so much fun!

and here is just a funny little bonus for you:

continuing with the saga of owning a rental property . . .

herb has been putting all of the lawn waste and large trash
(ie: the evil kitchen carpet)
into a large dumpster that has been sitting on the
lawn of the villa on corona.

yesterday, the dumpster guys came to pick it up
there was a crane involved
so you can rest assured that herbie scurried out there
to catch all the action!

so cute and funny!

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Blogger tams said...

Those three little jewels are the best! Yay for you! I had such a great time with you. I was so excited about all the the things you were writing I couldn't read it fast enough. Can't wait to see the stuff you've been working on.

8:32 PM, July 28, 2007  

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