about a birthday . . .

my sweet little vintage overnight bag. i can't believe herb and i both packed overnight bags, only to go to the water park and then come home! he is a clever little sneak!

latonya, me, sarah, and mikki
these are my "forever friends" . . . my "3am friends" . . . the ones i can always call. they were my college roommates. i love them so so so very much! we are all in the middle of change - latonya is moving to TEXAS!?!??!, sarah is getting married, and at the ripe old age of 29, mikki is prego with bebe number three! wowza! i might be the most stable right now!

i had "THE birthday" a few weeks ago.
the first "THE birthday" since the last
"THE birthday"
you know, first comes the one where you can buy beer?


that one happened a while ago.

i had the next one.

the one where people tend to either look at their life
and say, "dang. this is not what i hoped for."
and they get sad and do something drastic
like marry the guy that they shared their first
schlitz with on that OTHER birthday
and in a drunken stupor declared to each other
that if, heaven forbid, they are not married by the time
they turn 30, that they will tie the knot

or people say, "wow! this is going to be the best year of my life!"
and they do everything they can to make it the best!
gym memberships
new cars
new jobs
new attitudes

you know?


for me, it has been fairly inconsequential so far.
but do feel like it is going to be a great year.
i am happy with where i am
and what i have accomplished
somedays, i am happy with who i have become

there is plenty to be grateful
and plenty of room to grow and bloom.
so, i sure won't be bored!

now, let's talk about my husband for a minute.
he does not really care so much about his birthday.
but he is beginning to understand how much it means to me
i love birthdays!
his and mine.

so i was told to save the weekend of the 21st.
of course, i assumed we are going on a trip
so he uses this to his advantage and has me
convinced we are traveling.
so i pack my little overnight bag.
and a fleece!
because "you never know what the weather is going to be like there".
a fleece i tell you!
it was around 100 degrees in denver on saturday!

then he took me to nirvana (see post from August 16th, 2006)
and all of my best friends where there
you know, the ones who have known me
for 10 years or more

they ALL traveled from out of town to be here
and he planned the whole thing
beginning 2 months ago

after floating on the lazy river for three hours
the girls and i went to the oxford hotel
for a little pampering.
then home for a bbq
and some of our local friends joined up with us at this point

the next day, my pals and i just lounged about
and went to one of those malls down south
to check out sarah jessica parker's new clothing line - BITTEN
at first, i was not finding anything
and i just felt stung
but then i looked closer and i was in love - totally BITTEN!

you must check this out!
there is not a single piece of clothing in this line that costs more
than $20
honestly, it makes Old Navy and Forever 21 look
like Sax 5th Avenue!
i will never buy $27 jeans again
nope, not when i can get 'em for $15!!!!

so, three cheers to my babe
who made me feel so very very loved
on my 30th birthday!

smoooches, my baby!
big time smoooooooooches to ya!

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