when you have called on the world wide web gods and goddesses
(no, i don't really believe in gods and godesses, it is just funny)
before 8am
just to check out pictures and the birthdate of your celebrity twin
because you are only 99% sure that
your mom didn't actually have twins
and give the other one away to an aunt or a nice co-worker
well, you know it is a good thing today is friday!

what are YOU doing this weekend for fun?
(i'll be busy printing out new pics of maggie g. and hanging them on my wall. just kidding.)

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Anonymous Jen said...

Hey Cara,
I recently watched "Stranger than Fiction" and I couldn't help but think of you playing the role of Ms. Pascal. Have you paid all of your taxes and how are you at baking?

10:53 AM, August 03, 2007  

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