chasing the dream

this morning i went on a writing date with myself .
we went to starbucks.
me, myself, and our computer.
and a notebook.
a comfy chair was involved and so was some fabulous
(but inappropriate for getting into a writing groove)
latin music.

i wrote a few paragraphs
that left me feeling uninspired.
i got sort of cranky about being there.
then i remembered that i have made many choices recently
that have afforded myself the time and opportunity to spend time writing.
so i wrote a little more.
and then i left.
but i have to have to have to believe
that every 20 or 30 minute chunk of time
every choice to go write instead of going home
will eventually set a rhythm, habit, and pattern.
eventually all of these chunks of writing will be edited
and worked
and moved around
until something i love and feel proud of sits on my bookshelf
and hopefully yours too.

baby steps.


Blogger RachelDenbow said...

I'll be having one on my book shelf, thank you very much!

Glad you're back here, Cara!

3:11 PM, June 04, 2009  

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