it's been a long long long time.

well, well, well.
it has been awhile, no?
the past few months have been a blogland blur.
i was quite busy
over here for a few months.
but honestly, even that has slowed down.
i think i am in season of contemplation
and prioritizing.

did you know that i have a counseling degree?
well, i do.
and i have been practicing counseling
in some form or another for eight years.
this spring, i decided to stop the majority of my work as a counselor.
so i have been wrapping things up at work for the past few months.
and dreaming about what might be next!??!?!!?!
well, that is something i have been talking about for a long time
but it is time to get serious and really let my passion sing.
and that is taking a lot of personal soul searching
in order to get past a lot of internal blech before i can really
pursue this dream to the fullest.

but right now, i am really missing this blog.
so, in this effort to reintroduce myself to blog world,
i thought i would share some current favorite things.

1. OPI An Affair in Red Square
2. this film

3. and excited to see these films:

4. day dreaming about teaching young girlies to become guerrilla artists.

5. playing games with my favorite guy named herb.

6. trying out new recipes.

7. planting my garden.

8. listening to my wind chimes in the late spring windy weather.

9. making new friends.

10. ordering new swimsuits and getting excited about floating around at this place!
Eddie Bauer: Miraclesuit® Solid-Color Valentine One-Piece

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i am happy**happy to be dipping my toes back into blogland
and looking forward to sharing more stories and pictures soon.


Blogger shaina said...

love this post girl!! you're so cute... glad you're back to bloggin!

12:41 PM, June 03, 2009  
Blogger TaMs* said...

yay yay! So glad you're back... i love that swim suit. cute. cute.

8:56 AM, June 04, 2009  

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