christmas around this joint . . .

herb and i made a gingerbread house
a few days before christmas.
isn't it cute?

well, kind of . . .

why don't you take a closer look:

exhibit A:
please note the gingertree on the left.
i decorated this tree with tasteful red gel frosting dots.
festive yet understated.
now, please note the tree on the right.
that would be herb's tree.
it is decorated with dots in various shades of peach.
it is a boob tree.
it is totally a tree made of boobs!
herb says it is "retro-mod".
i say:

but do not worry, that is the least of it.

exhibit B:
there is a ginger-sniper on our roof.
herb carefully crafted that snow man a sniper rifle.
herb says he is a protector of all things festive and christmas-like.
i say candy-coated-killer!


Blogger denverherbie said...

sure, you laugh now... but no grinches showed up to steal Christmas, did they?

Thank YOU, Snowman Sniper.

1:37 PM, January 05, 2009  
Blogger kelli said...

The gingerbread man...maybe it's the angle of the picture but it looks a little phalic. Between the boob tree and the gingerbread with the giant "you know what"- I think I know what's on Herb's mind.

6:42 PM, January 06, 2009  

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