a new friend

hi there
this is my new friend olivia jane wible
we met through a mutual friend,
also known as her mother.
olivia was not supposed to show up on the scene until may or june
so it goes without saying we were totally unprepared to meet her.
in fact, i had not even had the chance to host a little party
and make all of her mamma's friend's taste baby food
and sniff diapers
(i have actually only heard of that game
and i assure you i would never actually make anyone play it!)

her mom has been having some abdominal pain
and in the process of being in the hospital
and dealing with it,
miss olivia greeted us very early.

her mom will be having surgery next week
to figure out what is going on.

so that means she will have:
one toddler
one husband
one church plant job left unattended
one home to care for
one post-op wound to tend to
and one beautiful premi baby
who is living in a hospital bassinet.

clearly, they have a lot going on.
so, if you want to pray
or through a few dollars their way
or (if we know you) provide some childcare for alvin,
please wander over to their blog
and check out the right sidebar for ways you can help.


(in case you are wondering,
chad wible gave me permission to post this.
that probably doesn't mean much
because he is just some guy i met
with the same last name as olivia and alli,
but i figured that might count for something
if i ever got taken to court for posting their story here.)


Blogger Jodie Allen said...

do they live in stl? i would totally do a free session for them... in the hospital even!

9:50 PM, February 20, 2009  
Blogger MandieGirl said...

what a tiny little sweetheart. :) that's amazing!

3:31 PM, February 26, 2009  

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