a long time . . .

it has been too long since my last post.
how can i make this up?
well, how about a long over due catch up post?

some things going on . . .

* i voted today.

they have one of the local side streets
turned into a drive-by drop off
for mail in ballot voters -

* fall here seems to be going on
forever and ever this year!

the weather in colorado is always magical,
but this year it seems like we are getting
a little extra scoop of magic!

* our roommate kristen and I
went swing dancing on tuesday night.
we have both known how to lindy hop for years,
(i started after 9/11 . . . like, two days later)
but we have not gone in a long time.
so tuesday was the night and it was so much fun!
i LOVE to dance!
staying out way past my bed time . . .
well, that will need to be rectified.

some favorite things . . .

* we have been playing a lot of scrabble around here.

we set the game up and then sit down
for 30 minutes here and there.
otherwise, i get kind of bored and it is not as fun.

* google reader.
enough said.
totally in love.

* the mystery of marriage

this is a wonderful book for anyone who wants more than
a handful of simple steps to a better marriage.
it ain't for wimps, that is for sure,
(this is my third attempt at the thing,
and it is only working because
i am using a pen to underline as i go)
but it is a poetic attempt
at understanding and explaining
what marriage actually is.
beautiful! (*sigh*)

* reading aloud to each other.
we started this over the summer.
it is so much fun!

* kashi TLC party crackers

seriously, i have never before
swooned over a cracker . . .
until NOW, that is!



remember when tams and i went running around denver
and she took some amazing pictures of me?
it was so fun!
it made me feel SO beautiful.
there is just something about having a friend you trust
"show" you how beautiful you are
by taking great pictures of you.
it was a gift.

yesterday, it was tamara's turn.
now, please keep in mind that i have not learned
how to use photoshop yet -
like, not even a little bit -
so i hope to play with these eventually,
but i just could not wait to share them here!

tamara has such a quiet beauty
that i was hoping to capture.
every one of these photos of tams are fun and beautiful,
(because she is fun and beautiful!)
but i feel like a few of them stand out and
really really really capture her essence -
and that was just what i was hoping to do!

she is so lovely!
and i am so thankful to have a friend
that i can creatively collaborate with
so easily
so freely.

and it is so so so fun!



dear rhi rhi,
do you want to know the benefit
of having a friend
who is 7 hours behind you?

when you wake up in the morning,
you will find, it was still your

happy day, beautiful!

see me*know me*love me

i woke up this morning
to find this picture in my inbox
sent from my sweetie last night.

it evoked that feeling we all long for.
to be seen.
to be known.

at the same time,
my experience has been
(in multiple relationships)
that the more i am seen,
the more i am known,
the more i am risking.

to be totally seen
creates opportunity
for the "seer" to not like

the thing we long for the most
might be the most dangerous.

but last night,
he saw me.

and he liked what he saw.
and that was like sweet healing balm
on a heart that is feeling pretty undone this fall.

(and yes, that is raven black SHORT hair you are seeing! proper pics to come soon.)