a long time . . .

it has been too long since my last post.
how can i make this up?
well, how about a long over due catch up post?

some things going on . . .

* i voted today.

they have one of the local side streets
turned into a drive-by drop off
for mail in ballot voters -

* fall here seems to be going on
forever and ever this year!

the weather in colorado is always magical,
but this year it seems like we are getting
a little extra scoop of magic!

* our roommate kristen and I
went swing dancing on tuesday night.
we have both known how to lindy hop for years,
(i started after 9/11 . . . like, two days later)
but we have not gone in a long time.
so tuesday was the night and it was so much fun!
i LOVE to dance!
staying out way past my bed time . . .
well, that will need to be rectified.

some favorite things . . .

* we have been playing a lot of scrabble around here.

we set the game up and then sit down
for 30 minutes here and there.
otherwise, i get kind of bored and it is not as fun.

* google reader.
enough said.
totally in love.

* the mystery of marriage

this is a wonderful book for anyone who wants more than
a handful of simple steps to a better marriage.
it ain't for wimps, that is for sure,
(this is my third attempt at the thing,
and it is only working because
i am using a pen to underline as i go)
but it is a poetic attempt
at understanding and explaining
what marriage actually is.
beautiful! (*sigh*)

* reading aloud to each other.
we started this over the summer.
it is so much fun!

* kashi TLC party crackers

seriously, i have never before
swooned over a cracker . . .
until NOW, that is!


Blogger emily said...

i love you for leaving a comment!!
i was beginning to think no obama lovers were going to say HI on my blog...and i know i've got them reading it!

anyways, i love and value your opinion so thanks for leaving it!

and just so you know, because you have voted for obama that does not mean that i think you don't have morals and values. mine are different than others...and i get that. so, to me, my morals are ones that mccain is representing well, so that's why i choose him.
abortion is HUGE for me. as is marriage between a man and a woman. keeping family "safe." yah, i think the war is getting pointless, but i think bush did what he had to do.
i won't get into it anymore, but just wanted to stop by and say HI, and i'm glad you voiced your opinion!
you KNOW i still love you :)

1:02 PM, November 04, 2008  
Blogger emily said...

and about mr. anderson...
i think he was more concerned for the people who might come and try to kill me cause of my opinion (i tend to get VERY opinionated!)

1:03 PM, November 04, 2008  
Blogger TaMs* said...

Happy Anniversary!
Hope you have something fun and romantic planned.
Lets hang out soon. Maybe next week? What days work for you?

11:44 AM, November 05, 2008  

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