once again

it should come as no surprise to you that i am back on a gluten and dairy free diet.
or should i say, i am trying to be.
for some reason, this diet is extremely difficult for me to stick with.
but time and time again,
i am told by professionals that it may bring great relief to my back pain
by decreasing the amount of food-induced inflammation i have.
i have a hard time buying that and so i have not really thrown myself into it
like i need to in order to see results.
but herb has recently changed his diet and he is being so diligent with it
that i have been inspired to give it another try!

what i really want to tell you is about some of the foods that i am finding
that fit my diet.
first of all, there is an amazing dairy free yogurt out there!
i was looking for soy yogurt for thursday's cilantro pesto, and i found this.
i don't really care for the taste or texture of most soy products
but i love the taste of coconut,
so when i found this, i was very excited!
and the texture is exactly like regular, dairy-based yogurt.
so even if you can eat dairy, give it a try!

next, is Whole Foods' Sonoma Chicken Salad.
if i am reading the nutritional info correctly,
it is not low in the calorie and fat department
(i can't tell if that is for one serving for for the entire recipe)
but it is high in protein and flavor
and i am most nearly positive
that it is dairy and gluten free.

for the past year or so i have been so inspired by
the The Gluten Free Girl
in her attempts to embrace her restrictions with food
and allow them to show her new, open doors she has never
before noticed.
it is not easy, but here i am, starting again.

(* i am not a professional in the food and allergy department,
so if you cannot have these dairy and gluten,
please double check and do your own research
on the yogurt and the chicken salad before consuming.)


Blogger Sarah said...

I adore Trader Joe's Sonoma Chicken salad...although I haven't been able to find it at TJ since I've moved out east (*tear*).

Tons of luck with the diet -

Missing you:)
Sarah L.

12:01 PM, June 09, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that I have found a bunch of great recipes on glutenfreemommy.com and have a few other internet collections on my blog. Check em' out...all the baking I have done has been fantastic. I'm sure they are easily dairy-freeable too.

11:54 PM, June 11, 2009  

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