want a peak?

some sneak peaks of some of the collages you will see in my etsy shop.
the launch will be taking place late tuesday afternoon!!!

here are some things i have been enjoying lately . . .

I hope all is well with you today!


so, you REALLY want to know?

well, alright then.
since you asked
so very sweetly!


on tuesday
december 4th

why tuesday the 4th?
because i really like tuesdays . . .
they are long, commitment-free days for me . . .
good for laundry and housekeeping and naps . . .
and in just over a week from now,
they are very very good for

launching an etsy shop!

if that does not mean much to you,
then i might suggest that you check out
or or this
or or maybe this

long and short,
i will have my very own
virtual store front
the little orange table
(in honor of the faithful surface on which i create)
from which i will sell my art!

come back on monday or tuesday
sneak peak
of some of the things i will be selling!

i can tell you this,
there will be lots of little
goodies for your home
and to give as gifts
for christmas.

thanks so much for all of your
(and funny!)
guesses about what
my suprise could be!

they were really good!
i might have to seriously consider some of those.
except the ones which entail me and herb
living in cold, humid, grey winter climates.

(and rhirhi . . . i have a near-year supply
of Olympic Star fruit infused tea by Ronnefeldt tea company
. . . is that the same thing?
i believe herb ordered it from england.
it was the closest thing he
could find to Sport Cup - the fruit tea i drank
every morning in berlin a few years ago.)



. . . oh, well, i am not telling.
not yet.
but come back this weekend for a fun announcement.

and no, justin, if you are reading this, I am NOT pregnant!
our neighbor is a little preoccupied with the idea that i need to have a baby
while they are renting the house next door.
he must think the idea of me waddling around everywhere is pretty amusing.
and let's be honest, i am sure it would be.

but that is not the secret announcement . . .
any guesses?


today . . .

i got up at 7:45.
i realized (AGAIN!) that going to bed at 11pm
is too late for this girl.

i ran around the house looking for my new box
of contact lenses.
only to realize that i probably just finished my last box
and forgot to reorder them.

i felt good that i did not shame myself for this error.
it just happens and i can wear my glasses
until the new lenses arrive.

i supervised all of my interns
who are so smart and talented.
i supervised these amazing people
of whom i am very proud.
i supervised them
to back
to back
to back
and now MY back hurts.

i rode to the office with herb.
and it is totally okay to stick around here
a little longer than i normally would
to wait for him to come back with the car
in order to be concious about the earth.
i like the days when we pretend we are
a one car family.

is a good day.
and not because of what did or did not happen.
it is not because herb and i are getting along.
and it is in spite of the fact that my brain
feels melty after such a long day of
supervising my students.
it is a good day just because it is.
because god is real and i am alive.
and it is a good day because i choose to recognize
that it is good.


things i have learned in the last 730 days

* recycling is important
* the person who said "learn to pick your battles" was not just being quippy.
* well, maybe they were just being quippy, but i think it is good advice.
* i have a harder time picking my battles than a 9 year old little girl.
* staying in nice hotels is fun.
* love really does grow as you share more of life and yourself with another person.
* i hate folding laundry.
* recycling comes every other friday.
* even counselors need counseling sometimes.
* i really do like "Scrubs" (even though it IS silly).
* being commited to church and relationships is priceless - even if everything is broken and you can smell everyone's butts. you just don't give up.
* i want a small, quiet place to simplify and only do what is important.
* this is the only life i get - i want to do the things that i love.
* i am an artist.
* i can't do it all - i love having a partner.
* i have major major issues with trusting people.
* my issues impact other people.
* when i forget when recycling day is, there is a handy dandy calendar taped up in the pantry.
* i only discovered this calendar a few months ago.
* the proper way to paint a room and baseboards.
* the beauty of using Speer Blvd. to get around town.
* flying Frontier is the BEST!
* fall really is the greatest season.
* i am both amazing and broken.
* and somebody loves me in all of it.
* and that is both comforting and humbling.

heading off this afternoon to celebrate for a few days in the mountains!
(the real day is monday!)