Why We Work

herb got some good news today.
not earth shattering call everyone you know news.
but certainly not the test results came back positive news either.
it was good news.
and frankly, it has been awhile since we have really seen much good news around this joint.
so we'll take it.
i have been sending him love all day over text messages.
little notes and reminders that i think he is the best.
finally, i sent him a smiley pic of myself.
and in return?
he sends me this.
i love this guy.
i really really do.

what good news have you received lately?


Blogger denverherbie said...

That's the stunt double I hired to do the picture! :)

4:56 PM, July 31, 2009  
Anonymous Cheap HTC Case said...

I love this guy.
I really really do.

1:35 AM, March 22, 2013  

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