wHaT We'Ve bEEn dOing aRounD hErE

* enjoying cool, sunny colorado summer weather - complete with the afternoon rain we have not seen in 7 or 8 years!
* a great visit with two fun girlies from new mexico
* "driving miss mary, 2009" . . . a nice trip to see my mom and drive her around, post eye surgery
* homemade crab cakes!
* an amazing surprise date that i planned for herb: yummy happy hour on pearl street mall and a great mark cohn concert in boulder
* being introduced to the musical genius that is katie herzig . . . the opening act for mark cohn!
* getting sweet little thank you notes for planning said surprise date in the form of gifted iTunes songs
* looking forward to a week off of work, followed by a girls weekend in boulder with my sister!
* playing in the garden and enjoying fresh herbs in the kitchen!
* riding our bikes

life is pretty nice around these parts.
what have you been up to so far this summer?


Blogger merrell said...

hey friend, i really enjoy katie herzig (mostly from newcomers home) but love her style!

1:19 PM, June 30, 2009  

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