today . . .

i got up at 7:45.
i realized (AGAIN!) that going to bed at 11pm
is too late for this girl.

i ran around the house looking for my new box
of contact lenses.
only to realize that i probably just finished my last box
and forgot to reorder them.

i felt good that i did not shame myself for this error.
it just happens and i can wear my glasses
until the new lenses arrive.

i supervised all of my interns
who are so smart and talented.
i supervised these amazing people
of whom i am very proud.
i supervised them
to back
to back
to back
and now MY back hurts.

i rode to the office with herb.
and it is totally okay to stick around here
a little longer than i normally would
to wait for him to come back with the car
in order to be concious about the earth.
i like the days when we pretend we are
a one car family.

is a good day.
and not because of what did or did not happen.
it is not because herb and i are getting along.
and it is in spite of the fact that my brain
feels melty after such a long day of
supervising my students.
it is a good day just because it is.
because god is real and i am alive.
and it is a good day because i choose to recognize
that it is good.


Blogger kelli said...

Cara, that almost sounded upbeat, cheery and optimistic.

7:45 PM, November 19, 2007  

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