experimenting with joy: part i

i heard a little bit of a stand up comedy routine
on the radio this week.
the guy said,
"yeah, my grandfather was weird.
he used to make me stand next to him
in a small room,
and we couldn't talk.
he said it was elevator practice."

well, lately, i have been practicing
saying "hi, how is your day going?"
when i am in the elevator.

and today i was rewarded with the sweetest gift!
the young woman standing next to me
hardly allowed me to finish my question
before she errupted with excitment:
"i am doing SO good!"
she grabbed her belly and continued,
"i get to find out what i am having!"

my eyes filled with tears!
i told her how excited i was
and thanked her for telling me!
i was still blubbering over her
as she got out of the elevator
and walked into her doctor's office!

what a treat!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

good for you, cara.

4:16 PM, November 22, 2008  

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