yesterday the doctor reinforced the importance
of lying down and letting my back rest
during the next six weeks.

this is not an easy task for me.
i am a putterer.
i putter.
i tried to explain this to the doctor
but he thought i was talking about golf.

i move around.
i try and be productive.
i have nervous energy.

and now i have to lay down.

last night i was worried
about tuesday.
because tuesday is
laundry day.

but with all of the
running up and down the stairs,

changing loads,
bending over and standing up
over and over.
i was concerned.

but i didn't want to dump it on herb.
herb works so hard.
at home.
in the yard.
at work.
and taking care of our rental property.

the last thing i wanted was to give him
another task.
but i knew i needed to.

and he took it graciously.

i love that man.

thanks again for all of the warm wishes,
book suggestions,
and love!

you guys are awesome!


Blogger denverherbie said...


12:52 PM, November 19, 2008  
Blogger RachelDenbow said...

Hey lady. Glad to hear this pain might be just a memory, a part of your story, soon. I've just caught up on the last six blog posts. The stack of books looks delicious but don't forget about all the great dvd series out there. Mad Men has been a recent favorite of ours. Its crazy to watch how people lived their lives in the 60's when they weren't aware that smoking and drinking while you're pregnant is REALLY bad for baby. The stark contrasts to modern day life, and some of the similarities that will always be a part of society, have kept me interested.
My sister-in-law is caught up in the BBC Robin Hood series as much as we are in Mad Men. So, I recommend both.

I hope you're enjoying your couch time. Sending hugs and warm thoughts.

8:00 AM, November 20, 2008  

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