I just got off of the phone with April
from Alternatives Pregnancy Center.
I will be going over there next week for a tour
and to get set up as a volunteer.

I know we don't all have a million extra hours
just floating around
to volunteer
or try to make change,
but I have to say,
I was SO amazed to hear that I can actually
volunteer on their help line

I was also encouraged to hear that I was


people who have called this week
to volunteer
as a response to the election of Barack Obama.
Apparently I was the only one of the bunch
who voted for Obama,
but the rest said,
"Okay, this was not my choice in president,
so now it is time to get up
and do something
so that my voice
and values are heard."

That is so cool!

Alright, now we are off to the mountains to celebrate our anniversary!
What are YOU doing for fun this weekend???


Blogger TaMs* said...

You have been a busy blogger, yay!!
Happy Happy Anniversary, so so happy for you both. Have a super great time.

2:38 PM, November 07, 2008  
Blogger Melanie said...

Ok, I have contacted our local pregnancy center as well. They must not need help because they never got back to me.

It's Monday, but I will say that we spent our weekend with various wonderful friends. One couple who has a gorgeous little baby daughter, and another couple who welcomed us into their home to celebrate our wonderful little son. Best of all was a family we were re-united with after about 4 years of estranged friendship.

Life is good @ the Melanie house. :D

Happy anniversary again!! xo

9:32 PM, November 10, 2008  

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