following through

thank you all for your encouraging
and great suggestions
for passing the time between now and christmas!

i might actually break down
and read the twilight series!

almost a half dozen people have suggested
that i read it while i am down and out!

we'll see.

i went to the bookstore yesterday
and stocked up!

what i can find at the library,
i plan to return.
otherwise, i am set!

you will be glad to know
that i asked for help yesterday!

i am hoping to cook a bunch of food
and freeze it this weekend.

but after my big food shopping spree yesterday,
i was totally wiped out.
so, i asked my neighbor
if i could borrow her girls to unload my car.

it was weird . . .

just sitting on the couch
while a 9 year old lugged in my bags.

she made sure to sigh with every load . . .

in true 4th grader style!
it was pretty amusing!

this weekend, herb is taking a motorcycle course

so that he can be legal when driving his new (bigger)scooter.
so, i am a bachelorette all weekend.

i hope to:

* pick up the house a little bit (especially the art space)

* buy a few new shirts and a pair of pants * check out library books
* write
* make some art

* cook meals to freeze

that should be MORE than enough
to keep me busy.

and since it is 9:30 am
and i am still in my jammies
surfing the internet,
you can see i have not made a very fast go at it!

time to get moving!

thanks again for all of the love!


Edited To Add:
i just finished surfing the denver public library's online goodness,
only to find that they have three of my books available
and the others are available at nearby branches.
i have placed holds on the ones that are not at my branch
and they will email me when they arrive
at the library in my neighborhood!
i love love love the public library system!!!
man, if this is socialism,
then we've got nothing to worried about
when it comes to nationalized healthcare!


Blogger Melanie said...

omigosh, cara, while i do love inter-library loan, i'm not sure i'm ready for my kidney to go through bureaucracy. LOL

ironically, i am reading marx today.

i'll be blogging about some of the more interesting ideas i'm reading about in regard to the sociology of capitalism.

have a fun weekend, you little pinko. ;)

10:35 AM, November 15, 2008  

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