well, day three was pretty tough.
i was experiencing some pain and discomfort,
which is normal with spinal decompression.
have you ever hung on a pull up bar at the park?
did you notice that you low back felt sore afterwards?
well, this process is not unlike hanging from a pull up bar.
it is meant to pull my vertabrae apart so that the discs can
be "sucked" back into the place they belong.
it also allows them to get "bathed" in the
water and nutrients that they have been deprived of for so long.
(you should see those sad little discs on my MRI -
they are all skinny and black . . . totally dehydrated! SAD!)

anyway, with the pain, and the difficulty of staying in bed,
i found myself sort of worried yesterday.
i was concerned that this process won't work.
worried that i will get my hopes up
but that nothing will happen.

but then . . .
day four rolled around . . .
and today i found myself very hopeful
as i walked into the building this morning . . .
very thankful
and very confident
that my body

i am grateful that there is a light
at the end of this painful tunnel.
and my heart was full
of that gratitude this morning!


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