earlier this week
i insisted -
- that i do more
than simply paint
during this renovation.

so last night i laid floor
in the bathroom
and part of
the laundry room.

i don't like to complain . . .
well, i do like to complain
but i don't really
LIKE that i like to complain . . .
BUT when you get an
adhesive product
on your knee
that is so sticky
(the adhesive, not your knee . . .
well, your knee too now that
it has touched the adhesive)
that if you place
said sticky knee
onto the floor to kneel
and then try to get up
and it rips skin off
of your body . . .
well, then, i feel like
a little bit of
complaining is okay.

and i think that is
precisely what i just did.

have a happy happy friday!

Today i will be
painting the stairwell
down to the basement!
after that and the trim work,
we might actually be done
with the painting!
then tomorrow, back to the
laundry room floor!


Blogger Jennifer of Dog.Yarn.Knit. said...

I'm sorry.
That kind of happened to me once. It involved my palm, spray adhesive, and the concrete garage floor.

10:19 AM, August 10, 2007  

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