from "cute butt" to laying fake wood flooring . . . these jeans have served me well

first, a shout out to my cute art table:
dear cute art table,
i miss you.
sorry i have been gone so long.
i have been so busy next door
getting the villa on corona
ready for the Adams to move in.
but i will be back soon.
a week and a half, tops!
can't wait!


(sadly, what the cute art table doesn't know
is that there is a slim, trim, hot
orange metal desk on CASTERS
out in the garage waiting to replace it.
and as soon as we are done with renovations
next door, our office/art studio
is going to be completely
revamped and reorganized.
which means big cute art table
is going away soon.

OKAY . . .
onto the regularly scheduled post.

SO, yesterday
my goal was to
paint the stairwell
going down to the basement.

I painted
the stairwell going down to the basement
AND i laid another big chunk
of floor in the laundry room.
halfway done!

i intended to take pictures
to prove that i have done more
than simply paint.
that i have worn more than just
my pink painting t-shirt
and painty paint paint covered jeans.

jeans, by the way, which used to be
my "look hot and go out jeans".
the ones i spent a little extra on
at the GAP instead of Old Navy
just because they looked so good.
the ones my friend megan said,
"ooh, your butt looks hot in those jeans!"

you have to love your girl friends
that are so close that
it is not only their privilege
but their responsibility
to monitor
and report
when your buns
look hot in jeans.

but that was four years ago.
and i have long since
replaced my
:"look hot and go out jeans"
with others.
and now, the old ones are
covered in paint.

this, friends, is the cycle of life.


Blogger shelly b said...

the cute art table is going to be very sad.

8:47 AM, August 12, 2007  
Blogger Jennifer of Dog.Yarn.Knit. said...

okay, orange metal desk is adorable. and fabbie, because she is orange. yes, i think adorable orange metal desk is a "she". but i am sad for cute art table. what will become of cute art table?

5:44 PM, August 12, 2007  
Blogger RachelDenbow said...

I miss my first art table. It had to be left with friends in Oklahoma because it didn't fit in the car on the way out to Seattle. I got it at Goodwill but it was new from Target and it was fabulous. Totally covered in paint on top, too. Good job for your hard work on the rental!!!

12:59 PM, August 13, 2007  

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