i love my brother . . .

because he is the black sheep of the family . . .
balancing out my role as the pink sheep.

and because he took me to a tatoo parlour four years ago to get his "little sister" her first piercing
and he rubbed my feet the whole time.

because he always asks me to "go out" with him . . . .
it tells me he trusts me enough to share his life with me . . .
and because he remembers who I am when he picks the place we "go out" to.

because he likes to share his music with me . . .
but tries to find songs without too much "french" . . .
even though he probably thinks i care more than i actually do.

because he wants to go back to school
and i know he will
even though he is frusterated right now.

because he says he wants to come visit us this summer
and even though he knows that means sitting outside to smoke all week
and going to bed earlier than usual
i know he really will come

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