When Herb and I started dating, one of our jokes was that we couldn't wait to get married, move to the suburbs, and buy a mini-van for me to drive. In this tongue-in-cheek, "no way in the world will this ever be our reality", fantasy, I would be a scrapbooker with a bad haircut.

Well, something odd happened along the way. I actually became curious about scrapbooking. It began our first Christmas when I was buying stocking stuffers for herb. I found a small, sophisticated black scrapbook in the dollar section. I bought it. I didn't have time to do anything with it before Christmas. But for Valentine's day, I used it to tell our love story. I used some pictures, but mostly my handwriting, doodeling, and passages from my old journals. I love love loved making it and it is the one handmade gift I have made him that he goes back to over and over again.

But still.
I bought a magazine.
And a few pretty patterned papers from Target.

And I let it all sit, tucked away for about six months.
Somewhere in there, I saw an article in a magazine by this girl . And i figured that if she could scrapbook, so could I.
Then, I saw this gal's blog and thought . . . "oh, yeah . . . scrapbooking. i have all those pretty papers tucked away. I can do this. If they can do this, I can totally do this."

SO, thanks Elsie and Jody for scrapbooking.

Today, Elsie shared her favorite picture on her blog. And asked "us" to show ours.
Sort of a less dirty version of "I'll show you mine if you show me yours."

So, here are a few faves from the past couple of years.

I of course love this smoochy italitan honeymoon picture.

And then there are these two which perfectly show off my husband's character . . . hard-working and playful! Plus, who gets the chance to help two old italian fishermen dock their little boat!?!?!?

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Blogger Jody said...

You are 'welcome' from me that I started scrapbooking. Is that how I am supposed to phrase that?! And you didn't really need my help...just a jumpstart and affirmation that scrapbooking isn't as 'cheesy' as it used to be. You have so much talent. I'll bet you look great in that size 8 bikini too! Keep enjoying your life with Herb. It is funny how many little things we can love and 'hate' about our hubbys...it's a journey, that's for sure. But so worth every bit of effort that it takes to keep all the parts running and humming along. Just wait for the day you might add kids to the picture. You're in for a real treat. Oh. And that bikini will get stuffed in a drawer- and it may be the last you ever see of it. Not to scare you. =) Just to let you know that you should love the life you're livin' right now. Thanks for this post...and all your thoughtful comments on my blog. I appreciate them! Have a great weekend. I just got wireless!!! Yea! I know what I'm doing the next few days...

6:17 PM, March 09, 2007  
Blogger Cara said...

boy oh boy! do i ever appreciate that advice to take today (and my bikini) as a gift and enjoy what is here because it won't always be like this. despite my cheeky comments about being a parent, i actually DO want to be a parent someday. and believe it or not, i put myself through graduate school as a nanny. despite how irreverant i can be about children, i am not the "ew, kids will make me uncool and miserable" kind of girl!
but i often forget that the luxuries i enjoy now will not always be "the way it is". it is so easy in my current peer group to assume that life is always going to be all about me. there seems to be the group that marries between age 20-25 . . . and then the rest of us ragamuffins. so here i am in a church and a social group where getting married at age 28 made me a youngin'! a lot of my friends are in their late 30's and early 40's . . . still single or newlywed. maybe trying to get pregnant or having their first child. it is a totally different way of thinking. and i don't see a lot of people with children in my day to day friend group, so i forget how things will change.

be grateful for today and herb and mexico and that bikini-(ish) body.

What else ya got for me?

10:57 PM, March 09, 2007  

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