so, this weekend we are having a garage sale.
the basement is flush with all of our old
(and some new, because we sort of used retail therapy to lick our wounds during that first, tumultuous year of marriage. oops.)
goodies that we don't use anymore.

there is the requisite waterford crystal
from our wedding
(which i might try and eBay instead)
the high heeled shoes i keep buying
even though i know i can't wear
high heeled shoes.

random fiestaware
and mismatched barware
but don't worry,
no underwear!

there are clothes
and hats
and random lamps.

but yesterday,
with the help of our roommate, kristen,
i came to the sad realization that i can't make much money
from our books.

a dollar per paperback,
kristen said.
and when kristen talks
about garage sales,
i listen.
she knows things.

and only $3 per hardback.

we have books.

let me tell you,
we have books.

part of the reason we are having this sale
is because have run out of room


earlier in the year,
i declared a household freeze on book buying.
library books only.
and then,
only then,
if you really loved the book,
you can buy it from half.com

herb agreed.

then promptly forgot that he agreed.

we have books.
lots of books.
and we like books.
lots of books.

we pulled out over 40 books to sell
at the garage sale.

and as i looked at them
all lined up
beautiful and booklike
in their selling box,
i started to worry.

over $500 worth of books
and i MIGHT get $75 for them.


but today,
i found

i love this sight.
and the name of the sight.
love it.

all you do is load your books into your "inventory"
and you earn points.
then people send a message saying they want your book.
and you earn more points.
so great.
then, you take all of your beautiful points
and you mooch books from other people.

i love this.

i have,
in the past hour and a half,
already earned 17 points!
that's right,
i have had requests for
TEN books!
at least three or four of them
came just in the five minutes
i have been writing this blog entry.

i will be sending
chic lit
and cook books
and random books written by local pastors
that were just being given out for free one day.

so, on thursday morning,
i will be taking a big beautiful armful
of books wrapped in brown paper bags
and sending them to
new york
and canada
and minnesota . . .

so great.
so very very very great.

go, check it out.


Blogger TaMs* said...

bookmooch looks amazing! What a great idea.
I'm looking forward to seeing YOU and The Harj on FriDay.
I'm love loving your new Fall hair.
Good luck on the big sale.

8:25 PM, September 30, 2008  
Blogger TaMs* said...

Cara Cara,
You've been TaGGed!!
come join the fun.. :)

6:19 PM, October 09, 2008  

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