It Is Flyin'

Well, it is not actually flying until Monday.
Around 4pm to be specific.
But it is out of my house.
Safe and sound at the Pak & Mail down the street.
And as much as I love the idea of being an artist
and as much as i am pleased with the outcome of this piece
and as excited as i am to see what this "art thing" will end up doing in my world . . .
I can not tell you how glad I was to say good-bye
And the funny thing was I actually had to fake a sad goodbye.
Apparently mr. pak & ship is also an artist or at least an appreciater of art.
Because he kept making comments like, "I bet it is hard to let it go."


but not so hard that I don't LOVE the sight of my office without it.
i love the sight of the two long skinny canvases that have been waiting for my undivided attention
so i can start working on my next piece for my friend stacy.

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