Marriage: A Tool for the Depraved? VOL. 3 ***Special Valentine's Day Edition***

If you are looking for a toungue in cheek tribute to today's holiday, please refer to any of the three blogger's sites listed on my links page. Otherwise . . .

I have gotten past the point where I believe the roses & chocolates lure of V-day. There is nothing about a pink teddy bear holding a heart that makes me feel loved or cherished. I am trying to tone my married body so that when we eventually have a baby, I won't be as huge as a house . . . so chocolates don't push my love button either. I am pretty sure that my yoga teacher's valentine's day "heart mediation" missed the point to. Somehow, "sinking" my heart and my "prana" into the dirty floor at the University of Denver recreation center to become "one with the earth" doesn't really do much for me. I don't even know what my prana is! And I am sure not going to sink it into the earth for everyone to see!

The reality is, I tend to be the most sentimental of my smart ass friends, and I claim the right to like today. Herb is right, we don't love each other more today than yesterday or tomorrow, but i really appreciate Miss February 14th and the way she pops up once a year and says, "Hey you, remeber those people you really dig? Today, go tell 'em!" I like that.

Today, what I celebrate most, is Herb's grace for me. It is sweeter than anything I have ever known. We fought last night - long and hard. It was mostly my fault. Okay, it was all my fault. I am an ass wipe sometimes, and I was flexing those muscles last night. And yet, this morning when I woke up sheapish and near tears, my sweet man rolled over, grabbed me and lavished suger and grace upon me. He splashed grace and love all over my sick, depraved self. It gave me just a glimpse of Christ. Now, if you ask me, that is love. And that kind of love is worth celebrating on a special day.


Blogger the hamster said...

word to your herbie.

i like what you wrote here. my beef with v.day is that we americans have become so self-absorbed and emotionally sterile that we need marketed holidays (ie. thanksgiving, christmas, v-day) to remind us to celebrate people. this is proof that we are a shallow people. and i just don't like that. v-day was invented for those chumps that don't realize what they've got in a spouse. v-day was invented to remind them and to rob them blind as a punishment for forgetting.

i totally encourage your (and herb's) celebration of one another. especially since i know that the two of you celebrate on a regular basis, not when the calender calls for it.

peace out, love.

2:43 PM, February 14, 2006  
Blogger Cara said...

i hear ya. and i dig what yer saying for sure!
peace friend!

7:55 PM, February 14, 2006  

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