The Goldenrod

It came to my attention this morning that I managed to overlook my dear friend Sarah Golden during my pink martini salute yesterday! It was by no means intentional, and perhaps even serendipidous . . . because it now gives me a reason to give the Goldenrod a salute all of her own. And, let's be honest - those who know & love the Goldenrod know that this is actually how she would prefer it.

I decided in effort to paint a picture of Sarah, I would compose what would be her match.com profile if I were ever granted such powers:

Profile Name: Fine Wine

I am a free spirit to the core, with enough quirkines to justify the title and double the charm to make me irresistible. Raised by an incredible single mom, I know what it means to be self-made and strong . . . but that strength is balanced with a soft heart and sensitive side. The past several years have found me exploring the world; learning about myself and God as I have served the poor and the disabled all over the world. Unexpectedly, my jet setting ways have ultimately led my heart back home where I have settled into a routine comprised of my favorite things: my family, my dear friends, and loving the unlovable children. If you are looking for the perfect girl, you best keep looking, because I supersede all boxes and stereotypes. And like a fine wine, I just keep getting better.

That's what I have for now, Goldenrod. I know it doesn't do justice, but I hope it communicates a double fisted pink-martini salute: "Here's to you, beautiful Sarah!!!"


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