old dogs can't learn new shower routines

i step into the shower,
left foot first.
then right.
the water has not yet been turned on
in effort to save water, i guess.

the water is turned on;
too hot for the likes of someone like herb harjes,
just right for the likes of someone like me.

if it is a good day,
i have remembered to tilt the shower head,
(which is tilted up for the tall, lukewarm shower taker of the house)
so that the water doesn't hit the back wall,
burst out the side of the shower curtain
and flood the bathroom floor.
(not that i have ever done this before.
maybe once.
or twice.)

i quickly wet my face and then turn
to face the back wall and allow the hot water
cover my hair then my back.
i turn back around to quickly wash my face,
then turn again to face the back,
allowing more hot water to massage my back,
begging the muscles to relax,
and i begin to wash my hair.
once i rinse my hair,
assuming i remember that i have JUST washed it
and don't wash it again,
i move on to condition my hair.
while my hair is being softened,
i use herb's flowery body wash to clean the body.

rinse hair.
rinse body.

stand once again,
facing the back wall
and lean forward
with a yoga inspired flat back
and place one hand on each side of the tub
allowing the hot water,
once again,
to do its work on waking up my back.

the hot water is turned off.
and i wrap myself in a brown or green towel.

a few months ago,
i bought a new kind of non-soap, pH balanced product
that works to wash both face and body.
two in one.
it is great.

what cracks me up is that i continue with the above mentioned routine,
despite the fact that i am now using the same product twice during the shower.


Blogger Lillsisslill said...

LOL! Love reading about your shower routines:)

Have a great one tomorrow:)


4:41 PM, April 19, 2008  
Blogger Michelle McGee said...

Do you have any idea how absolutely normal you are?

11:54 AM, May 16, 2008  

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