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(excuse the pun, but this has become "the weekly grind" . . . i have been lugging out all of these beautiful bags every week to make a very hearty, high fiber, low-carb whole grain bread for me and herb.
i feel so healthy just looking at them, willing them to make my body strong and healthy.
i feel so domestic.
so pioneer-ish.
well, um, so much like a a modern pioneer-ish woman since i AM using a bread machine.)

i have talked about this before,
but i have a wee bit of a problem with perfectionism.
if there is something i really care about
but i can't do it perfectly
i don't do it at all.
this doesn't pertain to everything.
but it seems to really get me caught up when it comes to creative things.
that is why i have not blogged in a while.
it is why i don't make art as often as i would like
or work on my writing goals.

then i look at women like my friend tamara or elsie flannigan.
i have always enjoyed their art work
but recently, i have seen them both push out of their cocoons and launch to a whole new level of talent.
and i remind myself,
they are amazing now,
but they didn't walk out of the womb
painting like this!
they started somewhere else
and it has been a journey of consistency, exploration, and dedication to get where they are with their skill.

so, with that in mind,
today, i blog.
even if it is not interesting
or thought provoking
or gramatically correct,
i blog.

small baby steps.
it is not something i am always that great at.
i want to sit down,
open my computer or notebook
and write the most compelling
best-selling book you have ever seen.

but i have things like "the list" that keep me paced.
doing small things at a time
building towards a larger goal.
completing the list by july 11th is the ultimate goal.
but some of the goals seem to have sub-goals and require planning.

so far i have:
* taken the light rail (more than once)
* planned a hot date for herb . . . we are going to see Stomp on Broadway when we are in NYC this weekend! it was meant to be a surprise like the list ordered, but he saw my computer screen at an inopportune moment and he found out.
* i worked with leo on Sweet Caroline . . . it is a work in progress (see former post for details on the "binky issue").
* i am planning Brittany's Best 16th Birthday Downtown Adventure of a Lifetime! sure to include public transportation, walking shoes, fancy schmancy treatment at a fancy schmancy hotel, a massage, dinner out, book stores, and if all goes well, a jazz club (my favorite club does not card! we don't need any drinkies but we do need the music!)
* the writing sabbatical has been set for six weeks (at the end of may - beginning of july) in orcas island, WA
* said sabbatical will be on an island
* said island is on water (right?) and will provide plenty of opportunities for me to learn how to kayak
* a karaoke night is being planned with the lovely tamara and her kooky husband matt (said kooky husband is technically my boss.)
* a book about the 100 mile meal concept is being read (the meal will take place once the farmer's markets open up!)
* flowers were sent to a lovely friend . . . for no reason at all . . . just as the list instructed!

a few real exciting trips were eluded to in the above list . . .
and i should probably elaborate . . .

* we are indeed planning a crazy six week sabbatical to orcas island, WA..
herb will work on stuff for current clients, along with working on some other creative projects
he will probably ride a bike and drink some coffee and take some naps.
i am studying about eating local and intend to do a lot of healthy/local cooking while we are there.
surprisingly, the island is jam packed full of farms!
who knew?
i am also going to learn to kayak
and take about 2-4 hours on weekdays to write.
we are so blessed and thrilled that this is really going to happen!!!

* herb loves this musical and we are finally going to go see it together in new york this weekend! while we are there, i get to meet one of my lovely bloggy, scrappy pen pals! Rhi is going to be in New York also, so we are finally going to meet outside of our "fake internet lives"! there will also be plenty of museum going, subway taking, bagel dog eating, people watching, picture taking, and musical, Today Show, and David Letterman viewing! we might also get to meet one of my mom's friends that she has known for over 30 years! love that! AND i get to meet a whole gaggle of crazy girls from this fun place for a fun lunch!!!!

so there.
i blogged.
are you happy?
i hope so.

i am.


Blogger Maggie said...

what is the 100 mile meal?
I've learn there's always going to be someone better than me in any field, the best I can do is the best of myself..
Have a spectacular week,

11:47 PM, March 11, 2008  
Blogger Emily said...

Your bread sounds so good! Please do share the recipe. I love to make bread, and have yet to find a healthy recipe that's decent.

Also, you have expressed my creativity/perfectionist frustration perfectly! Thank you for that. Some how reading it in black and white makes me want to jump up and paint something. :-)

Have a great day!

11:20 AM, March 12, 2008  
Blogger RachelDenbow said...

I missed you! I love your posts. I'm familiar with that wall. I can't wait to hear about your trip!

1:00 AM, March 13, 2008  
Blogger tams said...

you're back!
You are so sweet, thank you thank you. I had a great time with you the other night. Blow NY a kiss for me.

8:36 AM, March 14, 2008  

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