what we look like in the eastern standard time zone

ME: that cab almost hit me!
HIM: they think you are trying to hail them.

hmmm. well yes, yes, that would make sense.
i am, in fact, standing in the middle of time square
sticking my arm out into the middle of the road.
in some parts that is called rougue journalism.
in new york, apparently, it is considered hailing a cab.
who knew.

the lovely sally woodson and her studio,
eastside westside music together.

(hanging out at starbucks with rebecca, rhi, sarah, and gigi)

i have a few more, but blogger is being really weird about loading my pics. so i will share these for now!


Blogger Rhi said...

so fabulous that i look drunk in that photo.

and i love that blurry one! love it love it love it ALOT!

3:37 PM, April 01, 2008  
Blogger denverherbie said...

Just a wee bit tipsy rhi, not full on plastered! :)

I'm just catching up on our NYC antics. Big City Fun, that's New York in 3 words. It's true... I kept Cara out to all hours of the night. Well past her bedtime.

But fake-hailing a taxi in Denver just isn't the same. It's like hailing a cow. And while I love the Mile High City, everyone needs a dose of THE city every couple of years.

1:01 AM, April 02, 2008  

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