so, i have been an absent blogger this week
i really have not wanted to be.
however, every time i think about blogging
i say to myself, "but self, you have SO MUCH to catch
your readership up on
that you can't sit down and do it right now!!!"

but myself finally told myself that the longer i wait,
the crazier it is going to become
and all of a sudden you will be getting an update
complete with an olan mills photograph of an aged herb & cara
surrounded by 8 children, 32 grandchildren, and 5 great-grandbabies,
clad in denim shirt and matching visors,
and sitting in front of a backdrop painted to look like a prarie!

i just couldn't do that to you!

so here are a few updates . . .
the no tv thing is going exceptionally well -
except, for some reason, right before i sat down to blog.
at that point, i had an unexplainable urge to surf back and forth
between re-runs of Law & Order (the biggest culprit of them all!)
and Oprah (unless of course she is talking about something sad or
too saturated with the depravity of humanity - yeah, i am picky when
it comes to Oprah - she really has to be giving away Kitchen-Aid Mixers
or interviewing Rachel McAdams or giving a tour of her bedroom shoe closet
in order for me to hang with her.)

without the tv,
i am finding more time to read, take baths, do a little art, and even exercise.

the goal was to replace the tv time with
life-giving activities
and i think i have done that.

now, what i really want to do is eventually spend more of THAT time
writing - because i truly feel that deep down inside, somewhere,
i have a book that is dying to be written.

baby steps, i say.

let's see . . .
some random information
because that is what you come here for,

reading: Pillars of the Earth

bathing with: Warm Vanilla Shooga' body wash
(Nat- Renee gave me some of her schwag bag! thanks!)

movies viewed: PS I Love You and Juno
(cried through the first and laughed through #2)

eating: trying (again) to re-visit the low/no sugar diet

exercising: trying to do three times a wek -
lots of dance classes @ the gym!

art: made a cool hand-made journal that i am filling here and there
with little pages like the one featured in this post;
and a scrap page or two.

Well, this was not the coolest blog entry ever
but hopefully better than nothing!


Blogger Melanie said...

bravo, cara, on your commitment to no tv. i have been watching way too much cnn, and i STILL don't know which of the presidential candidates believe what.

regarding oprah, she has been really pissing me off lately with her lack of respect for the institution of marriage. as long as someone leaves their spouse for a person of the same sex, that is.

10:36 PM, January 16, 2008  
Blogger Jennifer of Dog.Yarn.Knit. said...

way to go! belinda and her family have moved their tv out of their house. they are much more intentional with their time. they feel they've become a more creative family. they knit and read and so forth. if there is something they really wanna watch they can usually find it on-line. and they watch movies on the computer. they've really enjoyed it.

11:02 AM, January 17, 2008  
Blogger Heidi Joe said...

Loved Juno... I loved the lines "No, this is Morgan Freeman." And "Why don't we just kick this old school like Moses and the reeds." Got a kick out of the whole thing.

And dang it girl, I saw your canvas lovin' on SIS and I'm loving every bit of it! You're so inspiring!

8:12 PM, January 17, 2008  

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