tired girl does a *RAK*

so, there are so many other, much much much more noteworthy things to blog about,
like for instance the fabulous weekend i just got to spend with this favorite girl of mine

but let's be honest,
we leave town for five days tomorrow
and who is not packed?
who has been up since 5am?
my brain is so sleepy that i can't possibly do justice to our wonderful time!
but i will.
just not tonight.

speaking of things the deserve a cupcake factory and huge parade
full of parade-y things . . .
how about this sweet woman
who sent me some tea and a tea cup with saucer and a book
to help me through my year without tv.
i love friends.
and the fact that they like us
even when we are so tired that we give
really tired, lame blog "thank you" posts.
so, rhi, thanks thank thanks.
you are brilliant and kind and good.

but, i did feel it was quite necessary to post the pics at the top of this post
because, honestly, i am both
that my face can even make these expressions.
i never knew it.

okay, so here is the RAK:
leave me a comment with
a short title or narration
for each of the four pics of kelly and i in the photo booth.
the one who makes herb and kelly and i laugh the hardest
will receive a sweet package sometime next week.
we will pick a winner saturday by noon.

peace to you


Blogger Rhi said...

it arrived! and it wasn't broken?! i was so worried it would break.
that took nearly 2 weeks to get to you! shocking.

get to bed woman.

7:10 AM, January 30, 2008  

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