My first official commission.
So wild.
Does this mean I am an artist now?
I have green paint smeared on my table and everything!

Paint, handmade papers, dictionary page, ink, found objects, wrapping paper, oragami paper, metal, tissue paper, and a whole lot of Modge Podge!

20x20 inch wrapped canvas

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Anonymous Jen said...

I like it! Who is this commission for?

6:58 PM, February 05, 2007  
Blogger Cara said...

thanks jen! i did a piece at this place
back in november.
the owner liked my work and asked me to do something for her home!!!!

7:17 PM, February 05, 2007  
Blogger Kelly said...

holy crap, miss talent. do you ever stop? i LOVE it. i want to touch it. i want to see it up close and smell it. BEAUTIFUL. keep it up, friend. you're amazing.

1:19 PM, February 06, 2007  
Anonymous Jen said...

Yucandu looks like an amazing place to be creative. Do you think the owner would want to franchise? You and I could be business partners? What do you say?
Really though, I am looking for a new job/career soon. Do you know of any art related jobs in the northern Denver/Longmont area? We live in Frederick...where are you?

7:18 PM, February 06, 2007  
Blogger Cara said...

i actually have talked to her (very informally) about franchising . . . she would probably be open to it if the right thing came along.

i am in denver (platte park).
don't know of any art jobs off the top of my mind . . .
but we should get together soon.


10:24 PM, February 06, 2007  

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