Some Things Are Better Left Alone

Since I have already begun to explore the concept of the "couple shower", I would like put my two cents in on the whole thing. We have all seen at least one film that depicts Hollywood's version of the "couple shower" (CS). Come on, you know you have seen 'em. Somehow, despite the fact that she has allegedy either just woken up or finished the horizontal tango, our Hollywood Heroine is capable of actually appearing MORE beautiful during the CS than during the rest of the film. As if it weren't enough that she has already tampered with the body-image of millions of female viewers, she has to go and drive it home when she gets into the shower. Yes, Hollywood Heroine, we get it!!!! You're hot . . . . sizzelin' hot . . . let it go already, would you?

I must say, I am going to side with our friend Paul Reiser on this one. He seemed to thrive throughout his TV marriage to Hellen Hunt, so I figure he must know a thing or two when it comes to this stuff. And as you might suspect, it would seem that Mr. Reiser took his Reality Pills when it comes to the subject. Regarding the CS, Paul says:
"Truth? It's not all it's cracked up to be. Because one of you is not getting water. One of you, therefore, is not taking a shower. Let's be honest; one of you is having a great time; it's terrific. The other one is in the back going, 'You got a sweater up there? Maybe a windbreaker? Something with a hood would be nice. I would get it, but my ass is frozen to the wall here!'"

I would love to now tie this all together by juxtaposing the wisdom of Paul R. against a well known film with a notorious CS scene. As it were, the steel trap memory in the family went to my "shiverin' in the back of the shower" counterpart, so I can't actually think of one. I tried to google "movie couple shower scene", but as you might imagine, clicking on any of my choices would have only given me scandalous images of twins from Minnesota doing it in the shower.

Not really what I had in mind.


Blogger hurricanic said...

What? The couple's shower is overrated? The rug just keeps getting pulled further and further out from beneath this single girl's feet. Damn it.

8:47 AM, February 01, 2006  
Blogger Cara said...

Smoke and mirrors, smoke and mirrors, hurricanic.
But don't you worry, there are lots of suprises that you would never imagine . . . things that, oddly, the movies don't tell you about . . . like the smell of someone else's freshly brewed booty juice after it has been incubating under the covers of the bed.
But really, marriage is truly a joy!

10:37 AM, February 01, 2006  

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