Dear Richard, Adam, Simon, Henry, Hugh, Gilbert, Peter, Nicholas, Geoffrey, Ralph, John, Brody and Reginald:

Thank you for your personal concern for my well-being. I don't remember meeting any of you, but our encounter obviously made an impression on you! And you seem worried. Especially in the past 24 hours. I had not heard anything from you and then all of a sudden you have been thinking about me a lot. And emailing me. A LOT. You must be worried about me. But don't be. I am okay. Obviously, there are concerns floating about that I am having concerns in the bedroom. But I need to let you know that I am just fine. So while I am flattered that you would take the time out of your busy schedules to compose an email to somebody you hardly know, I feel your tools and resources might be useful elsewhere. As for me and my house, we are just fine.

Thank you.




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