2 AM Friends

Who do you call when the boogy-man comes out to get you in the middle of life's dark nights? For me, it is Sarah, Latonya, and Mikki. They have known me since I was 19 years old. And they love me anyway. Two weekends ago, I got to spend a few days with them at the lake of the Ozarks. It was heavenly. Although, in heaven, I doubt your pontoon boat dies and drifts onto the rocky shore. And if it did, you probably would have better luck paddeling it away from shore because you would have heavenly muscles. And even if that didn't work, the people you flagged down for help would have stopped to help you. Or at least one of the five boats of people would have stopped to help you. And if that didn't work, you certainly would not have to get into the cold October lake water to swim/push the huge old boat back out into the lake so that you didn't get charged for ruining the bottom of a huge old boat.
Never a dull moment with them!

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