Now This is MY Kind of Class

In high school one of my "other mothers", Deb, often assured me that if I could just get through the next couple years, I would be fine. "You were MADE for college", she would say. Deb insisted that once I moved on from the high school scene I would finally find like-minded people who had similar goals and *gasp* understood my sense of humor. And as all good "other mothers", she was right. In college, I finally found my groove.

And last night, after years of randomly trying various dance, aerobic, and step classes, I found my groove again. NIA is to that first week of college as step aerobics is to the required daily 35 greuling minutes in the high school cafeteria. A mixture of dance, healing arts, and martial arts, it is about freedom and moving according to your body's own beat. It is about exploring and healing. There is some structure, but within that structure, there is a freedom to let your body move however it needs and wants to. And the music. Oh, the music! Latin, middle-eastern, african tribal, R&B and deep-gutsy slave spirituals. After an hour, I had laughed, smiled, punched, slithered, pushed, yelled, rolled, cried (but just a tiny bit), cha-chaed, did snow angels on the floor and danced a big beautiful dance of victory and strength. In a one hour exercise class. If you can deal with the occaisional weirdness (I just prayed when we "bowed" to each corner of the room), you must check this out!

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Blogger Jennifer Coomer said...

Oh! I want to try it out!

9:32 AM, August 18, 2006  
Blogger peanutgallery said...

How did you find this crazy, sexy, cool class? Sounds fun! And right up your alley.

11:33 AM, August 18, 2006  
Blogger Cara said...

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11:52 AM, August 18, 2006  
Blogger Cara said...

it is on the list of classes at the DU rec center. the teacher is there on thursday evenings and saturday mornings. she teaches a drop-in class in cherry creek during the week too. her name is heather. i think all of her classes are listed in the second blurb if you look up classes in denver on the nia website. you are welcome to join me anytime. if you are with a du rec member, it is $10 to drop in. otherwise, $15.

11:52 AM, August 18, 2006  
Blogger Cara said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

12:16 PM, August 18, 2006  

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