Mission: Two Week Knock-Up

Four days seems to be our rhythm. A fight every four days. Whatever. We have been married four months (as of tomorrow) so I guess if you are looking at the numbers it all makes sense. But it is tiring sometimes. Today, I had to have Herb remind me why he likes me. Maybe I needed him to remind me so I could remind him why he likes me. Nevertheless, we are leaving for a "fun trip to europe" tomorrow and while this is by no means something to complain about, I really don't want to fight on vacation and I don't think we are capable of that quiet yet. Please pray for pleasant suprises.

I told Herb that we would know our relationship is stable enough to sustain the life and rearing of a child the first time we can make it two consecutive weeks without a major blowout. So, eventually, that is what we are going for. In my plan of plans, the next 11 days will go without a hitch and then we can chew eachother out on day 12. That way, Europe is fun but we don't have to start compromising on baby room decor so early in our relationship.


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