iWrite: another exciting announcement!

a few cool things today . . .
  1. either blogger just got fancy OR i just got concious.
  2. because i finally figured out how to use different fonts and colors
  3. and even numbered lists in my blog entries!
  4. my friend jenn wrote a book
  5. it is for sale on amazon

once the book is released,
and the website goes live,
jenn and tara will be selling
curriculum for small group leaders.
this will be in the form of 8-12 week
bible studies that anyone can download
(for a very reasonable fee)
and easily use to facilitate meaningful conversation
about any book in the bible.

and the cool thing?
i am a part of their writing team!
this summer, i have been writing a study on
the book of hosea.
it had been a few years since i had read hosea
and let me tell you . . .
there is some crazy stuff in that book.
but ultimately, it is a love story.
and who doesn't like a good love story?

so, that should be it for a while on the
"big announcement" front . . .
unless of course the phone call
i got this morning pans out.
the jeweler who sold us our wedding rings
is looking for couples to feature
on their web site under"love stories",
which we are going to do.
but they might also use us for a little sound bite
on one of their new radio ads.
pick us, i say!
who would be cuter,
more banter-ier than
herb & cara harjes?

no one i tell you.
no one.

happy saturday!


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