conversations with leo

oh, how i love having a three year old neighbor.

out of the blue, leo approached his mom, jodi and i with the following:

leo: i wish i was jesus.
jodi: me too, leo.
(in other words, sure, i wouldn't mind being perfect)
cara: (uncontrollable laughter) is this his new "thing"?
jodi: no, i have NO idea!
leo: (completely serious) mom, i need a jesus costume.

later that day, from his potty chair:

leo: mommies don't have winkies.
cara & jodi: no, no, mommies don't have winkies.
leo: and caras don't have winkies.
cara & jodi: no, no, you're right. caras don't have winkies.
leo: daddies . . . guys have winkies!

more uncontrollable laughter.

this kid . . .
i tell ya!


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