If Life Were A Chick-Lit Novel . . .

(i found this "vintage card catalog" maker on nitty.gritty's blog today . go ahead! make your own!!!.)

I have been blogging for over a year.
this is post #198.
that is a lot of blog entries.
a lot about my life has changed in that short amount of time.

i started out telling long stories, often with a "moral at the end of the story".
ironically the very subject of my entries (the challenges in the first year of marriage) had me so worn out that i began using this blog as a place to just be silly or creative instead.

but as my life's journey changes, my focus might need to change yet again.
not sure what that will be.
the point is this:
it might be time for my blog to change a little bit, in order to reflect what is currently going on in my world and my thought process.

i am no longer "the bride" wearing the big white dress.
after a year and five months . . .
i am definitely a wife.
and i am no longer asking myself "what did i just sign up for!?!?!?"
i am getting situated into being a wife.
i am comfortable and committed to it.
i don't regret it.

but the funny thing is,
i find myself looking back to parts of my pre-wife self with a sense of longing.
not the parts of my pre-wife LIFESTYLE.
no. that is not what this is all about.
but the parts of myself . . . the things i had BECOME.

in my mid-20's, before i met herb, i worked on all sorts of stuff about myself.
i was a late bloomer, emotionally, plus i had some family things to sort out.
i needed to gain confidence, peace, acceptance, patience . . . and during that time, i did.
i really paid attention to some growth and healing that needed to happen.
i explored myself.
and god.
i began to appreciate myself.
i explored why i often ended up feeling so disappointed by friends and family.
i learned to let go.
and find worth in myself from god - not from other people.

i learned so much . . .
but never in the context of a romantic relationship.
my new beliefs and sensibilities . . .
my new "parts" were not strong enough
to withstand all of the emotions and changes
that come when you open your heart up . . .
for the very first time.
by the time herbie came along, these new parts were
still little tiny sprouts, just barely able to support the weight of their own buds and blooms.

during that year i dated herb,
i regressed, i think.
i felt out of control.
when i feel out of control, it is because i feel unequiped in a situation - i don't know what to do.
and then i get scared.
and when i get scared i get very angry.
and anxious.
and i cry.
a lot.

but now my head is above water again,
and i want to rediscover those changes in my heart:
the joy.
the ease.
the lack of striving.
just knowing who i am and loving myself.
as i am.
in the here and now.
not expecting or demanding -
of myself or of others.
just allowing whatever can come today to come.
and letting the rest just be what it is.
i was easy on myself.
and easy on other people.
i looked for simple pleasures in the mundane -
and i FOUND THEM! all of the time!
i saw both sides of a story.
and i gave the benefit of the doubt.
i was flexible.
and kind.

i want that back.
and i think i can have it.
because i think those are all things that reflect maturity and a relationship with god.

I don't want to recapture my single life.
i AM a wife.
and i WANT to be a wife.
herb's wife.
but i want to introduce those free, trusting, easy parts to my new, "wifey self" and see if they can figure out how to play nice together.

so, all of that to say, i am changing
and this blog might be changing soon too.
the name.
the address.
the content.

we'll see.
thoughts are certainly welcome.

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Blogger Jody said...

Maybe you could rename it "The Wonder Years". =) Or hold name the blog contest and bonus points for hints as to what the content should be about. But alas, I think you would win for your own blog. Good luck with the thoughts and changes. At 11+ years, I feel like I am beginning to figure a few things out in the 'love & marriage' department. Good luck.

6:25 PM, April 02, 2007  
Blogger Cara said...

yeah - or maybe "Growing Pains"!!!!

11 years, huh?
well, when herb and i were first dating, i was a bit freaked out by the whole thing. i used to respond to his requests for a date by saying, "I would love to go on that date with you - IF we are still together. all i know right now is that i can either commit 2 more weeks or 70 years to you - and i have not figured out which one i can do yet!"

(herb is one of those men that you don't date - you marry. so i knew if i stuck with him for very long, it would be forever!)

so, if 11 years is all it takes to start getting your footing, i think that is totally worth the remaining 59 being a little easier!!! :)
thanks for the encouragement, jody!

6:48 PM, April 02, 2007  
Anonymous Sarah said...

first of all, thanks a TON for the precious earrings! they are adorable. :)

and i'm just beginning to figure out the wifey things, too. 8 months of marriage on thursday! i tell my sweet husband all the time that i feel like we are on such an adventure together. i LOVE learning about life and marriage with that amazing man. the Bible hints at the single life being a lighter load to bear than the married life. i don't think this is because married people fight or will get more frustrated (although this is sometimes true!). i'm beginning to think that this is because so much of yourself is focused on another person when you're married. i've found it's dangerously easy to slip into being wrapped up completely in my husband, and forget to tend to the details of MY soul that need work. now that the dust has settled on the wedding dress, i think it's SO smart of you to go back and revisit the work God was doing in your heart before you were married. i need to take your lead and do the same...it's tough! there are times i'd so much rather do couply things. but i'm learning God wants two growing and striving people in a marriage, not two decent halves put together to make one. this got long! sorry! :) many blessings on yall's adventure together!!

8:47 PM, April 02, 2007  
Blogger Tony Gambee said...

May I suggest two things. 1 Practical and one not so much.

1. Make a backup of this blog for yourself, your kids, E! News, whatever. Learn how here.

2. The end of one stage of life doesn't always find you at the beginning of another. Usually you realize you are already knee deep in the new stuff when you let go of the old stuff. Any of the stuff, old or new, could be good or bad; most likely a mixture.

So, I think, just continue on, maybe small changes, like colors-or subtitle, to make you focus on the future, but the history of growth found here is something that puts today's experiences in context. Plus, who said a white dress is only for wedding days.

6:15 AM, April 03, 2007  
Blogger bansheewigs said...

I like 'Marriage: Soul Laxative' for the new blog title!

11:25 AM, April 03, 2007  
Blogger RachelDenbow said...

Thanks for this entry. I related.

2:22 PM, April 12, 2007  

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