Would You Like Dleeenk? Wodka? Chee-ahs!

Herb's friend Matt has a funny way of approaching people who don't share his language. Much like one might absentmindedly speak to a deaf person, Matt just speaks louder. "Oh, you don't understand English? Well, that's okay! Let me just turn that up a bit for you." And for as often as Herb has poked fun at Matt about this, I found out last week in Berlin that he has a similar approach to bridging the language gap. In reality, I realized this during our honeymoon, but as a blushing bride I decided to keep my giggles to myself. But now, as a seasoned marriage warrior (almost five months, people!) it is time for me to break my silence!

When Herb encounters someone who does not speak English very well, he assists them in the comprehension process by continuing to speak in English, but translating it into the other person's accent! Truly! It is the most endearing thing I have ever watched! You're from China, and don't totally understand English? No problem, Herbie just takes the accent you have when YOU speak English and repeats what he just said. These mad interpersonal skills have kept the tourism company in Germany inviting him back year after year to tend bar for them during the international tourism conference in Berlin. I mean, why wouldn't you want this guy behind your bar?


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