Speed is a funny thing. Roller coasters, running, the leading indgrediant in most cold medicines. Speed and I don't do well together. But Herb loves speed. And, if it is possible, I am beginning to believe that speed loves Herb. They go together like Baskin and Robbins . . . Bert and Ernie . . . John Travolta and Olivia Newton John.

Herb has this place inside that craves adventure. My friend Andy would tell you that this is exactly what John Eldridge talks about in his book "Wild at Heart". Well, I read that book three times (guess what Andy gave me for my 25th birthday) and I have mixed feelings about it. Andy does not believe in using technology to communicate with your friends, so even if he does read my blog, we don't have to worry about him leaving comments about the book here. Unless of course he does read this blog and decides to leave a comment to spite me. He might do that. He is fiesty.

But regardless of Eldridge's overall beliefs, the man has some great points. Herb has this place that needs to be fast and be strong and try new things. I don't have this place. I like to sit still and go slow and drink iced chai tea. I love iced chai tea. And if you drink it fast all you are left with is brain freeze and a heap of whip cream on top of your melting ice. I like things slow. Herb loves trying new things - even when he knows they are not going to work. It comes from the same place inside him that found great pleasure on our honeymoon when I agreed to take a ferry (aka: boat with an alternative lifestyle), a train, and a bus as we tried to find the lost city of Pompeii. Well, we knew where it was (it has turned into a tourist attraction), we just did not know if we could get there before it closed for the day. And we didn't. Both times we tried, we did not make it. But more than an interest in seeing dead people frozen in scandalous sexual positions under a sheet of ashen lava, Herb just wanted to know if he could figure out how to get from point A to point B using maps and public transportation in a foreign country.

This brings us to that sweet little ride posted at the top. The mini cooper. And as of last Wednesday, OUR mini cooper. To be specific, Walty. That's right. The car has a name and it is Walty. Actually, it is pronounced with a Swiss accent (don't ask) and therefore, sounds like Valtee.

Valtee is one of the remedies for Herb's need for speed. But it is not really about the speed. It is about a question. A question that I don't even really know yet. Mostly because I am not a man, but also because I don't know all of Herb's heart. I am learning. About this place inside of him. And what I know for sure is that getting into this tiny little car makes my sweet man's face look like this:


Blogger the hamster said...

dude, that, like, so rocks.

12:29 PM, March 24, 2006  

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